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DEViCELAND transforms digital space, revolutionizing how users engage with the latest Apple products.


Advanced Micro Systems, Inc. d.b.a. DEViCELAND, was established in 1985. Since our beginning we have differentiated ourselves from our competitors by focusing primarily on Apple products and related peripherals. Specializing in computers from a single manufacturer has given us an unequalled edge to develop an unsurpassed level of support and service to our customers.

Our strengths, which are supplying high quality Computer peripherals and services to our customers is what make us unique. We have become one of the leading corporate resellers in California. With our focus on partnership, and by taking the approach the overall value we provide to our customers is the most important service we can offer. We consistently maximize value for our customers through our unique ability to provide a superior level of quality service, along with our exceptional pricing and our virtually instantaneous access to products. We typically ship our orders the same day we receive them.

Advanced Micro Systems, Inc. d.b.a. DEViCELAND, is an award winning Apple Authorized sales and Service Center. We work on the entire Apple line, warranty or out of warranty. Our Apple Certified knowledgeable technicians get your equipment back up and running in no time. For service call 310-357-4400. No appointment required. We have several types of Services available including same day service and limited Data Recovery.

Advanced Micro Systems is intensely aware of the volatile changes taking place in the computer industry and is striving to meet and exceed the needs of its customer base through diversification. This process will extend into the following areas:
RETAIL Sales Additional “Super Stores” (Northern and Southern locations within Los Angeles County) Our new stores will usher in a new dimension in the U.S. computer industry. Advanced Micro Systems will be providing “Total Solutions” under one roof. Our stores will acquire: Desktop PC’s, Notebooks, 3rd Party Products, Applications Software, LAN/WAN, Systems Integration, Product Support, Product Management, Project Management, Multi-Vendor Support, Consulting and Education.



One of our core strengths is in the development of dynamic data driven websites. Our goal is to help you accomplish your business goals by advising you to create a substantial website. We also aim to provide great value to their customers, partners, and to their internal organization.

To accomplish this goal, we use the most modern tools and methods to develop a cutting edge solution that is robust, useful, and easy to administer. When developing web sites, we make our selection of technology based on the internal environment of our client. If our client has a core competency in specific technologies, then we will make our best efforts to develop a solution that will work seamlessly within their infrastructure. Another goal that we strive for in each of our projects is ease of use. We approach all projects with the understanding that once development is completed, there needs to be an easy and productive way for our clients to manage their new tools.



E-Commerce has revolutionized the way that business is done. Since e-commerce is so much more than simply receiving payment over the internet, Advanced Micro Systems can help your business realize the dramatic cost savings, and efficiency that can be achieved by implementing effective e-commerce strategies. We provide perfect solutions for businesses that sell products or services to other businesses. We also will help educate your staff on the benefits of e-commerce.

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